Building for the Future

Do you have a minute? (Video made by Michele Barron using Moovly.)

Over the past 13 years we have consistently polled community members to ensure the library is on the right path in terms of services, collections, and programming. In order to meet those needs (increased collection and wider range of services, public use space, complete handicap accessibility, etc) we are committed to moving the library into a space that meets our needs – not only today but for generations to come – and that takes money.

Our community shows its support of the library through an annual fundraiser called Ladies Night and has raised approximately $114,000. We are very proud of our efforts and the support everyone has shown. A project of this magnitude costs a public entity such as ourselves far more than it would an individual. If you have been involved in a project with competitive bidding and prevailing wage then you know what we mean. We need all the help we can get so the final amount requested of the public is actually an amount you can (and would) support.

Commemorative Bricks may be purchased honoring yourself, your loved ones, or anyone you wish. Each brick will be used to line the walls in a public use community room. Located inside, these bricks will not deal with weather issues and will last longer than any of us, securing our legacy while preserving yours.

Each brick costs $250 (tax deductible) and can be purchased online paying through PayPal to secure your transaction. You do not need to have a PayPal account. You can always use a paper form with a check that you can drop off or mail in.

We can’t thank you enough!!!

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