Our board meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm in the Stillwater Town Hall and is open to the public.  Interested in becoming a trustee?  Stop in to the next meeting and see how it all works!

Unofficial Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Name, office, (year end of term)

Emily Nadler, President (2021)
Heather Frank, Vice President (2021)
Mary Herlt, Vice President of Finance (2023)
Christine Zakrzewski, Secretary (2022)
Tom Boucher (2022)
John Butler (2021)
Michael Reeves (2022)
Meghan Stevens (2023)
Linda Tracy (2023)


On May 18 2021, voters of the Stillwater Central School District will vote on whether to create a school district public library to be known as the Stillwater Public Library to serve all of the residents of the school district, and to elect nine individuals to fill nine trustee seats on the Board of Trustees of the Stillwater Public Library.  Persons elected to a Trustee seat as part of the May 2021 election will be eligible to serve a three-year term commencing on July 1, 2021.  The election will be held on May 18, 2021.    

An eligible District resident (see below) who is interested in having his or her name placed on the ballot as a candidate for a seat on the Board of Trustees must submit a Nominating Petition containing the signatures of at least 25 qualified voters in the Stillwater Central School District to the Clerk of the Stillwater Central School District, not later than 5:00 p.m. on April 19, 2021.  The Library also asks that you notify Sara Kipp, Director of the Library, of your candidacy by providing copies of your Nominating Petition to her by that date and time. 

Q: Who may be nominated as a candidate for election as Member of the Board of Trustees of the Library?   

A: Any person at least 18 years old who is a U.S. citizen and a resident of the Stillwater Central School District (an “eligible voter”). 

Q: How many voter signatures will be required for the petitions of the candidates for the Library’s Board of Trustees?   

A: The School District Clerk will require each person seeking to be nominated for a position on the Library’s Board of Trustees to collect a minimum of 25 valid signatures of eligible voters on his or her nominating petition.  Candidates are encouraged to get as many signatures as possible to avoid being disqualified if a signature is challenged and voided.  

Q: Who may sign a petition?   

A: A petition may be signed by any eligible voter. 

Q: Who may collect signatures on a nominating petition?   

A: Signatures may be collected by any eligible voter. 

Q: What form is used to collect petition signatures?   

A: A form Nominating Petition is appended hereto.  Candidates may use more than one form to secure all of the required signatures.  Photocopies of the form may be used to collect signatures, but all of the signatures contained on the Nominating Petition filed with the School District Clerk must be originals. 

Q: May signatures be collected inside the Library building?   

A: Signatures on the petitions should not be collected inside the library building.  Signatures may be collected outside of the Library building and at other places in the community. 

Q: When are the nominating petitions for candidates for the Board of Trustees due to the Stillwater Central School District?   

A: The Trustee nominating petitions must be filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Stillwater Central School District not later than 5:00 p.m. on April 19, 2021

Q: How should the Nominating Petition form be filled-out?   

A: Candidates and persons collecting signatures on their behalf should be aware that strict compliance with the law is required in the execution of Nominating Petitions.  Accordingly, it is extremely important that nominating petitions are filled out neatly and accurately.  Petitions should be completed in pen and the person collecting signatures should clearly print the candidate’s name and full address of the candidate’s place of residence in the blanks at the top of the form.  The person collecting the signatures should also fill in the blanks in the Statement of Witness at the bottom of the form by entering his or her own name and residential address. 

Signatures are collected in the table in the center of the form and may only be collected in the presence of the witness.  The signatures are collected by having the signer enter the date of signature, the signer’s full name (in printing), the signer’s signature, and the signer’s current residential address (which must be located within the Stillwater Central School District).  Once a signature has been placed on a Nominating Petition, it should not be altered or modified in any manner.  Errant marks on or near a signature may void the entire Nominating Petition.  Care should be exercised to avoid the collection of duplicate signatures as they cannot be counted in the tally of valid signatures.  Under no circumstances may the name or emblem of a political party be placed on the Nominating Petition, and care should be used not to identify the candidate with any party or political affiliation. 

Upon completion of the form, the person collecting the signatures should tally the number of signatures collected, enter that number in the blank in the Statement of Witness, and then sign and date the petition.  When all signatures have been collected, the pages of the nominating petition should be stapled and consecutively numbered by the candidate prior to the submission of the petition to the Clerk.  The candidate should retain a copy of the Nominating Petition for his or her own records, and provide a copy of the Petition to Sara Kipp, Director of the Library. 

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