Stillwater Public Library brings an elevated level of courteous customer service to every person who needs it with resourcefulness, discretion, and efficiency. We develop relationships by providing needed information and access to materials, always putting the patron first.

Sara Kipp, Library Director, notary public

Michele Barron, Library Assistant, notary public

Carol Cary, Library Assistant

Anne Marie Dame Hallum, Paid Treasurer

Alexandrea Scarchilli, Clerk

Shawna Turcotte, Clerk

Mike Corbett, Maintenance and Repair

Arianny Alcantara, Cleaning


  1. You ladies are doing a wonderful job. The library is such a welcoming place to spend just a few minutes or an hour. Keep up the GREAT job.

  2. stillwater free library is probably one of the best places in this town so thank you guys

  3. I have never experienced the kind, warmth and help the ladies give @ the Stillwater library. Thank you! I always look forward in seeing one of you when i come in weekly for my audio books.

  4. Superheroes! Thanks so much Blanca!

  5. Sara,

    It was so nice meeting you. Thanks for taking the time to speak more about our programs and services. If you would like further programming, more brochures, etc. please let me know.

    Thanks so much,


  6. You are very welcome!

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