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  1. Do you have any museum tickets that can be checked out?

  2. Hi Debra! We will be offering the newest selection for circulation around April of each year. You can stay up to date here:

  3. Does the library have any Stillwater High yearbooks?

  4. We do – not nearly as many as I would like to have!

  5. Do you have publicly accessible wifi?

  6. Christopher Walsh

    How much are library cards?

  7. Hi Christopher, Library cards are free!

  8. Do you have the 1968 Stillwater yearbook at the Library?

  9. Hi Betty, We do not have that year. In a perfect world we would have them all – that is my goal!

  10. Congratulations on your successful campaign to gain voter approval for the new Library building. A 65% approval is commendable and deserving. Sara, you put in an exhaustive effort to keep this project organized and progressing. I was a little concerned when I could not find the approval results the next day in any of the news outlets that I checked. Pleased to see your announcement this morning. Again, congratulations to you and all of your wonderfully helpful staff.

  11. Thanks Bill – the success belongs to everyone who voted to be sure!

  12. I am coming back to Stillwater in a few weeks. I have been in Florida for the winter and I have been playing in a weekly Mahjong group. My question is does the library have a Mahjong group?

  13. We do not but that would so much fun! Sara

  14. Do you have a Lions Club eyeglass donation bin at the library?

  15. We collect eyeglasses for the Lions Club, but no longer collect the ink cartridges. 🙂

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