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  1. Hello, is it possible to borrow books on my kindle?

  2. Teri Osterhout-Paton

    I was at Lady’s Night 2016 and had some exceptionally delicious White Chicken Chili and wondered if there was any chance I could get the recipe!!! Please! Thank you!!!!

  3. Yes you can! I will email it to you, Sara

  4. Hello Sara, Michele and Theresa,
    I want to thank the library for their extraordinary effort to make the Murder Mystery Club available online during the pandemic restrictions for the last year. Michele, as organizer and presenter, made the online activity interesting and kept up to date. I was impressed the way she made the Zoom presentation functionally possible. I was doubtful that an online application would work very well. Now that his last “Inheritance Mystery” has been solved. I would like to thank all that participated, knowing that not everyone was able to meet for each of the 4 weeks in July.
    P.S. I left my message to all of the above on Michele’s Google Bulletin Board and may be found at the bottom.

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