The Stillwater Public Library is located along the Hudson River at 662 Hudson Avenue in Stillwater, NY.

In the Village: The Stillwater Public Library is located at 662 South Hudson Avenue (Routes 4 & 32) in the village of Stillwater, north of Mechanicville, south of Schuylerville. Our home is the 120-year-old church located across the street from the Village Cannon Park and the Mobil Gas Station. Parking is available in the rear of the Library building. The area is accessible right from Route 4. If you get lost, call us at 664-6255, we’ll get you here!

From Saratoga Lake – If you head down to the south end of the lake, you go past Panza’s restaurant and the Stewart’s on your left. Take the left at Stewart’s and you are now on County Road 76/Lake Road. At first stop sign you keep heading straight. At the next stop sign (quite a ways up), you take a right onto Park Avenue. At the end of this short street – you head to the right, but right after you pull out you will see “Bunce Lane” on the left. This is the old road that will take you to the back of our building where the parking is. Again, if you are having trouble finding us – give us a call! 664-6255


  1. I am writing to inquire if your library has free wifi?

    If so, I would like to meet with a local couple to discuss genealogy, but do not want to bother the other patrons.

    Do you have any rooms that have a door to keep our conversation from bothering other folks?

  2. As a small public library we try very hard to keep all areas in plain sight. There are no private meeting areas available. We do have free wifi and times of the day when we are much less busy – hope that helps.

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